Profile Integration for Steam

This plugin embeds Steam everywhere in your forum. Users can link Steam accounts to their profile and synchronize owned games, Steam groups and much more.



  • Link user accounts to Steam: Users can add a Steam ID to their profile to share their gaming activities. This can be done using an easy Steam-Login or by entering any Steam ID manually.
  • Featured games: Show which games are currently played most by your community.
  • Steam user online list: Show which of your users are currently online in Steam and what they are playing.
  • User page: Each user gets a page showing is recently played games, owned games, current activity, Steam groups and much more.
  • Game pages: Each game gets a game page to show which users own it and where it is being discussed in your forum.
  • Link Steam groups to user groups: Steam groups can be linked to user groups - If a member joined a Steam group access to user groups in your forum can be granted automatically.
  • Customizable: Many admin-, user- and group-settings allow very detailed customization.
  • Compatible: Tested with all common steam login plugins.
  • And much more: Content and Sidebar boxes, Steam information next to messages and in user profile...

Further Information

  • Supported languages: English and German.
  • Please read FAQ first if you're having issues.
  • Support - No registration needed.
  • Compatible with the Steam Login Plugin - Users do not have to enter their Steam ID twice.
  • Requires a free Steam API Key.
  • Some features require cURL or php_openssl.


This plugin is in not affiliated with or endorsed by Steam or Valve Software.

Steam Profiles need to be set to public to share most of the information - Public is the default setting.

License for the used LightOpenID API: MIT.

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