WBB Arcade: Chess

4 game modeslogo_chess.png

  • Chess
  • Quick chess - Normal chess rules on a 5x6 field
  • Extinction chess - Capture all of a particular piece
  • Random Chess - Random starting positions according to chess960


  • Highscores
  • Arcade Bot: Posts game events and highscore changes in game-topics
  • Portal boxes for current games and highscores
  • Acitivity points for won games
  • Lots of configuration options (Game settings, Access rights, ...)

Further Information

  • Available languages: English and German
  • Available for WCF and WSC, download here
  • Read FAQ first if you're having issues
  • Support (No registration needed)
  • To create a game 'Allow games' has to be activated for a Board in the ACP
  • For extended statistics and highscores the arcade statistic plugin can be installed

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