Extended Like-System


  • Like and dislike buttons are replaced by menus with different icons to chose from
  • The icons are customizable
  • For each icon a sentiment - positive, neutral or negative - can be chosen
  • The icons will be listed below the article or post
  • Ratings can be listed and grouped by icon to see which user voted what
  • Available for posts, articles, article comments and wall comments
  • Moderators can remove likes and dislikes
  • Articles and posts can have different like-categories - Each category can be restricted to user groups and contain different icons
  • Customizeable boxes - Latest ratings, liked content, extra boxes for certain icons
  • The plugin can also be used to highlight certain content (Featured content)

Further Information

  • Available languages: English and German
  • Support (No registration needed)
  • Uses the same access rights as the WoltLab like system
  • After uninstall the likes are still available in the WoltLab like system
  • To show old Likes 'Management > Rebuild Data > Advanced Ratings' has to be called once



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