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Q: I get the message "Requires the package “WoltLab Community Framework” in version “3.0.0 rc 1” or higher, but only version “2.1.12” is installed." when trying to install the package.

A: You downloaded the WoltLab Suite version of the package. Under "Versions" at the store page you can find the package for WCF 2.

Steam Integration

Q: Does this plugin work with steam login plugins?

A: Yes, it should work with any other plugin and has been tested with:

Q: I am using a steam login plugin - Can I use the steam IDs from there?

A: Yes, you there is a option to automatically import steam IDs from third party plugins in the acp.


Q: I use a dark theme and cannot see the field in the Arcade.

A: The following CSS-Code can be added under "Advanced Settings'2for your style in the ACP. Adjust the color to your linking.

.fourinarowFieldItem tr, .fourinarowFieldItem td {
     border-color: red !important;
.gomokuLineh, .gomokuLinev {
     background-color: red !important;

F: I use SEO and see no game pieces

A: Add the following Rewrite-Rule to .htaccess below 'RewriteBase' to fix the issue.

Browser cache needs to be cleared after applying this changes.

Apache Configuration
# Rewrite arcade piece
RewriteCond %{SCRIPT_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteCond %{SCRIPT_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteRule ^forum/(.*)/arcade/piece1.svg$ arcade/piece1.svg [L,QSA]